about Sharmain

Helping Fathers and Families Flourish

After serving time in prison, Sharmain worked hard to overcome the barriers to successfully re-entering society. The birth of his first child opened his eyes and gave him purpose in life.

Sharmain is mostly known for his involvement in establishing the Dedicated Dads Program of Kenosha — a fatherhood initiative that strengthens and builds families through father involvement. In 2015, Sharmain attended a heavily promoted fatherhood event in which he was the only father to show. Seeing an opportunity, he volunteered to host a fatherhood workshop himself. He eventually landed him a full-time job as a Father Involvement Coordinator at WIC (women, infants & children. In the first year  he successfully recruited and completed over 100 fathers and has not looked back since. 

His work and story was recognized by the district attorney and got his parole time was reduced by 4 years. Ironically, the same judge that sentenced him to time in prison was the judge to sign the order to modify his sentence. He often says “when you do good things for people… good things happen for you”

He now shares his amazing story of perseverance, resilience and dedication to give hope to others fathers and felons. His mission is to help as many fathers and felons overcome obstacles and live highly effective lives

Sharmain is a National Fatherhood Practitioner, Certified Father Engagement Trainer. He has been featured on TMJ4 news, been awarded for “Positive Impact” by the NAACP, and given the “Excellence in Community Action award” by the governor. He has been nominated for person of the year and received the  20 under 40 award award for his contributions to his community.

 Sharmain, like many others, would have once only been labeled as a felon. However, since finding his identity as a father, husband, and community leader he uses his story to impact and inspire people across the nation.


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