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Helping Fathers and Families Flourish

Sharmain is a National Speaker and Trainer in areas of fatherhood and prison reentry. After serving time in prison, Sharmain reentered society with a plan, a passion, and a purpose. Despite the challenges of a felony conviction, Sharmain worked hard to overcome the barriers to a successful entry into society. The birth of his first child in 2014 gave him a deeper reason to achieve success after prison.

In 2015, Sharmain attended a heavily promoted fatherhood event in which he was the only father to show. Seeing an opportunity, he volunteered to host a fatherhood workshop himself. His event was successful and he eventually landed a full-time job as a Father Involvement Coordinator at WIC (Women, Infants & Children). In the first year, he successfully recruited and completed over 100 fathers. During his time at WIC, Sharmain would travel the country to other WIC and Family service organizations to inspire them to focus on fatherhood. His success with the WIC Fathers program was his launching pad to his current success as a speaker and trainer.

In 2020, Sharmain graduated with degrees in Business Management and Marketing at Carthage College. In 2021, he completed his Master’s in Business Design and Innovation at Carthage College.

His turnaround story has led to many awards including the NAACP positive impact and the 20 under 40 award. His story has inspired so many that even the district attorney and his original sentencing judge worked together to release Sharmain from parole 4 years earlier than anticipated. All of his work led to one of the most honorable accomplishments that can be given to someone who turns their life around after prison.

In 2022, Sharmain had all of his legal rights restored after receiving a FULL PARDON from Governor Tony Evers in Wisconsin. He now has a mission to help hundreds of justice-impacted people to be granted a pardon.

Sharmain is currently president of Sharmain Harris & Associates LLC which provides presentations, training, and workshops to show returning residents strategies on achieving success after prison. He is also the Director of the Fatherhood Franchise program which helps fathers and families flourish in life.

When Sharmain is not speaking and training he is a guest lecturer of criminal justice at the University of Wisconsin Parkside.

While he leads in many areas of life Sharmain recognizes that his greatest impact comes from being a husband and father to his family.

Sharmain, like many others, would have once only been labeled as a felon. However, since finding his identity as a father, husband, and businessman he uses his story to impact and inspire people from all walks of life across the nation.

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